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Department Info

Childhood Emergencies" is a medical department specializing in urgent care for pediatric patients, addressing critical situations such as accidents, severe illnesses, and life-threatening conditions, with a focus on providing rapid and specialized medical interventions for children in distress. This department plays a crucial role in ensuring timely and effective emergency medical care tailored to the unique needs of young patients.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Symptoms & Diagnosis in Childhood Emergencies at Cradle Child Care involve vigilant observation for signs of distress or unusual behavior in children, followed by prompt and accurate identification of the underlying condition through thorough medical assessment and diagnostic procedures.

  • Rapid or labored breathing, gasping for air.
  • Child not waking or responding.
  • Repeated vomiting with no improvement.
  • Involuntary, uncontrolled movements.
Emergency Cases

94437 60138

73392 80080

Your care plan is formulated to facilitate gradual advancement, with each stage promptly executed for optimal progress.



Evaluate child's vital signs and overall condition promptly.


Inform parents and emergency services about the situation clearly.


Administer immediate care following established pediatric emergency protocols.


Maintain thorough records of actions taken during the emergency.

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Cradle Child Care provides exemplary care and nurturing, ensuring every child thrives in a safe and stimulating environment.
- Ramesh Kumar M