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Cradle Child Care offers convenient online consultations, providing parents with immediate access to expert pediatric advice from the comfort of their homes. Our virtual platform ensures seamless communication between caregivers and healthcare professionals, facilitating timely and personalized care for your child's needs.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Recognizing symptoms and obtaining an accurate diagnosis are crucial steps in ensuring your child's well-being. At Cradle Child Care, our experienced pediatricians carefully evaluate symptoms reported during online consultations, utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and medical expertise to formulate comprehensive treatment plans tailored to your child's unique health requirements.

  • Rapid fever escalation.
  • Persistent cough or difficulty breathing.
  • Unexplained fatigue or lethargy.
  • Unusual rashes or skin conditions.
Emergency Cases

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Your care plan is formulated to facilitate gradual advancement, with each stage promptly executed for optimal progress.


Telemedicine Consultation

Connect with our pediatric specialists remotely via secure video conferencing for comprehensive assessments and treatment recommendations.

Symptom Evaluation

Our healthcare professionals conduct thorough symptom assessments during online consultations, aiding in accurate diagnosis and timely intervention.

Diagnostic Testing Coordination

Facilitating the scheduling and coordination of diagnostic tests, ensuring prompt and efficient evaluation of your child's health status.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Receive personalized treatment plans tailored to your child's specific needs, incorporating evidence-based practices to promote optimal health outcomes.

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People Say

Cradle Child Care provides exemplary care and nurturing, ensuring every child thrives in a safe and stimulating environment.
- Ramesh Kumar M